Meet Alisha Browne, Community Builder with Atlantic Boudoir

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Meet Alisha Browne, Owner/Photographer at Atlantic Boudoir.
Atlantic Boudoir is a boudoir photography studio whose mission is to empower women by helping them to see their innate power and beauty, therefore improving all aspects of their life. As a part of her brand, Alisha runs a private Facebook group for women, Atlantic Sirens VIP Group.
This is interview #6 in this video series highlighting rock star community builders (both online and offline) serving different types of audiences.
What we discuss:
  • Why it’s essential to be authentic and show up for your community
  • How you can incentivize people to get involved
  • Ways that you can use your community to collect and nurture leads for your business
  • How you can easily solicit feedback and learn about your target audience
  • Where you can find inspiration for content (hint: learn your customer’s objections!)
Alisha shares some valuable marketing nuggets for you in this one! 👏🏻
Learn more about Alisha and Atlantic Boudoir:
Follow Alisha on Instagram:
Women 18 years+ can request to join her private group here: Atlantic Sirens VIP Group

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