Meet Audrey Speicher, Community Builder with Cape Fear Women in Tech

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Meet Audrey Speicher, Co-Founder of Cape Fear Women in Tech (CFWIT) whose vision is to make the Cape Fear Region the #1 employer of women in tech professions per capita in the country.
CFWIT is driven to champion opportunities for women in technology in the Cape Fear region, empowering them to strive for these competitive positions, and inspiring them to lead in those roles.
As co-founder, Audrey and team worked to bring their community together by providing a network for career growth, skills growth and ongoing education, and community outreach such as bootcamps and career days.
It’s interview #4 in the video series highlighting rock star community builders (both online and offline) serving a variety of audiences, how they did it, and how you can, too!
What we discuss:
  • How CFWIT manages their three “buckets” of services that tie back to their main mission and how to choose which initiatives to tackle first.
  • How to structure your group in the beginning to share responsibilities and prevent burnout
  • The unexpected “access” and benefits that comes with being a founder of a community
  • How to structure your group so you can transition out of leadership and keep the “legacy” versus something you’ll continue to have to manage
  • That becoming a non-profit may or may not be the right direction for your group
  • The unexpected skills, confidence, and rewards from growing a group
  • Being prepared with “tasks” you can have for eager volunteer participants
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Next event: October 22nd at New Anthem Beer Project!


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