Meet Kathryn Benko, Community Builder with Sole Fitness

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Meet Kathryn Collins Benko, fitness coach and founder of Sole Fitness. Kathryn is also the co-host of the Heart + Sole Podcast.
Sole Fitness is a community of women striving to live a full life through health, fitness, and shameless living. They keep a close, positive community of women through weekly group fitness classes paired with an online app containing weekly workouts, devotionals of aspirations, a nutrition guide and daily accountability in the message board.
It’s interview #5 in the video series highlighting rock star community builders (both online and offline) serving a variety of audiences, how they did it, and how you can too!
What we discuss:
  • How authenticity in “where you came from” can make all the difference connecting with your online community.
  • The unexpected benefits of “taking action”
  • Tapping into other jobs, volunteer opportunities, freelance positions that are “synergistic” to accomplish your overall goal
  • Going from zero to an actual business using social media
  • Building personal relationships 1-1
  • The importance of in-person events to growing your online community
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