Meet Seth Conner, Community Builder with IKAGG (I Know a Girl or Guy Wilmington)

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Interview #2 in this video series highlighting rock star community builders (both online and offline) serving different types of audiences.

Meet Seth Conner, Co-Founder of IKAGG Wilmington (I Know a Guy/Gal),a Facebook group that promotes business referrals through the group and through in person events.

Seth also co-owns Social Brand Syndicate which specializes in digital advertising for real estate.

What we discuss: The who, what, where, when, why and how of facilitating a virtual and in-person community. A lot of discussion around making sure your group provides value and you are GIVING that value freely before asking for the sale.

Join the Facebook Group: IKAGG Wilmington (I Know a Guy/Gal)
Connect with Seth:

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